Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Alphonse-Étienne Dinet

Two paintings by Alphonse-Étienne Dinet (1861- 1929). He lived many years with a Berber tribe in the Algerian Sahara. Some are saying he painted there the "daily life". But if we look at the paintings above - and he painted a lot like these - we think that he painted more what the european art market expected: naked little girls, with nice tits!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

François-Edouard Picot

One more Neo-Rococo Odalisque by the french painter François-Edouard Picot (1786-1868). She seems really to long for her pasha. Maybe the painter himself.

Jules Joseph Lefebvre

A nice nearly classic Odalisque by french painter Jules Joseph Lefebvre (1836-1911), who may be easily subsumed as "Neo-Rococo".

Adrien Henri Tanoux

Two more odaliques by the french painter Adrien Henri Tanoux (1865-1923). The first painting got the enigmatic name "harem girls".

The first Odalisques

Originally odalisques were harem-slaves. But in the 19th century they became a great fashion in art. They became the hot wet dreams of many artists. Oriental women, willing slaves ready for love at any moment when their master made a single move with a finger.

So at first one of our absolute favourites. Its by the French painter Paul Désiré Trouillebert, who called it "The Harem Servant" (1874).